Screen Printing

Curious about screen printing? In this course, you will

learn the fundamentals of screen printing from start to

finish. Students will learn different methods of preparing

images, transferring to the screen, and printing multiple

layers with water-based inks to make an editions of

beautiful art prints. Open to all skill levels.


Students completing this course will be eligible to sign up for open studio time in the print studio

Thur. 12:30-3:00

Thur. (6:30 - 9:00 pm) 


Session Dates: 09/20-11/08        

$320* + $40 materials fee

2.5 hours weekly, 8 weeks

Instructor: Terre Jenkins

Printmaking: Survey (15+/Adult)

This course introduces students to a range of printmaking

techniques. Students will learn fundamentals of relief

printing in wood or linoleum, dry point and monotype. Black and white work is emphasized though students

will be introduced to chin colle as a method of adding color to their prints. Open to all skill levels.

Wed. 10:00-12:30

Wed. 7-9:30


Session Dates: 09/19-11/07             

$320* + $40 materials fee

2.5 hours weekly, 8 weeks

Instructor: Terre Jenkins

Relief Printmaking  (Woodcut and Linoleum)

This course is an introduction to fundamental techniques 

for relief printing. Students will design and learn carving skills with wood and linoleum. Students will learn inking and printing techniques and will be able to produce a 

small single color edition of prints.

Mon. 6:30-9pm

Session Dates: 09/24-10/29 

$240* + $30 materials fee

2.5 hours weekly, 6 weeks

Instructor: Terre Jenkins

*Students 60+recieve 20% discount on tuition


For Adults - Teens

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