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Screen Printing Squeegee


We offer classes in relief printing, etching and screen printing. Our printmaking workshops and classes are structured for artists of all levels.  If you need individual instruction or have a particular project in mind we have sessions tailored to your needs.

Our print studio is closed to classes at this time but we can schedule a private program for those interested


Relief Printing

This course is an introduction to fundamental techniques 

for relief printing. Students will design and learn carving skills with wood and linoleum. Students will learn inking and printing techniques and will be able to produce a 

small single color edition of prints.

Wed. 6:45-8:45

Session Dates: 02/07-

$360* + $40 materials fee

2 hours weekly, 6 weeks




This 8 week course will provide you with valuable skills in designing strong dynamic, compositions for application to screen printing posters and t-shirts. use of text and color will be covered.


02/06- 03/5   $520

Silk Screen Printing

Curious about screen printing

This course will teach you the fundamentals of screen printing from start to


Students will learn different methods of preparing

images, transferring to the screen, and printing multiple

layers with water-based inks to make an edition of

beautiful art prints. Open to all skill levels.


Students completing this course will be eligible to sign up for open studio time in the print studio

Fri. 1-3:00      02/04-03/25


Fri. 4:30-6:30 02/04-03/25



Session Dates:      

$500 + $60 materials fee

2 hours weekly, 8 weeks

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