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Stone Branch School of Art Studio Policies


Before registering for any of our programs and courses,  you are required to review our policies You are required to read and agree to the terms and conditions of SBSA policy before registering for any of our products. Completion of registration and payment is the confirmation of your knowledge and acceptance of the SBSA school policies.


Accordingly, the acceptance of the registration of class/camp/workshop/events, and the understanding that some activities involve an element of risk or danger of accidents, you hereby assume those risks. You agree that this waiver, release and the assumption of risk is to be binding and that neither you, your heirs, assigns or legal representatives will sue or make any other claims of any kind whatsoever against SBSA or its members, its officials, officers, employees, volunteers and agents from any and all liabilities, for any personal injury, property damage/loss, or wrongful death, whether caused by negligence or otherwise.

I hereby give my consent to have my child, a member of my family, and or caregivers, treated by emergency medical personnel, a physician, or surgeon, in case of sudden illness or injury while participating in a class, tour, activity or while they are on the school grounds. I understand that SBSA will provide no medical insurance for such treatment, and that the cost thereof will be at my expense.


Registration & Payment

  • Advance registration for Studio arts, programs and Art classes is strongly recommended to secure a student’s place in class and for desired day and time scheduled.

  • Enrollment is limited for most classes and accepted on a first-paid basis. Processing of the registration form and payment is necessary to guarantee enrollment. Please be aware that incomplete information on registration forms may delay successful processing and enrollment.

  • We accept payments with credit card (Master Card or VISA). Checks and cash payments will only be allowed for in-person registrations. There will be a fee of $35 for returned checks.

  • Individuals may register in any of the following ways:

    • Online at: or 

    • Phone: 301-294-3600 (all phone registrations must be followed by online or in person application submission- before the first day of class)

    •     In person at Stone Branch school of arts. Stone Branch Arts 1331-M Rockville Pike, Rockville, MD 20852

  • On phone payment must include a verbal permission (Followed by the written confirmation via email or registration form)  for SBSA to charge the credit card information presented for full or monthly scheduled tuitions, fees and costs. 

  • Any cancelation or changes in payment methods by a client must be done in advance, in writing and with the agreement by the SBSA. (There is a $50:00  fee charge for any cancellation done after 7days from registration date). 

  • *SBSA reserves the right to take actions to collect full payments for tuition and fees as well as any damages to the reputation of the school due to unauthorized cancellation of payments without the knowledge/written agreement by school. 

Cancellation and Make-Up Policies

  • SBSA reserves the right to cancel classes with insufficient enrollment. Classes will be cancelled, and notifications to students will be made two (2) business days prior to the start of the class. Full refunds or credits will be given when SBSA cancels a class due to low enrollment.

  • Weather or unexpected circumstances* Class cancellations will be listed in the following ways: 

  • *In the case of extended time closing SBSA will follow the MCPS model for time compensated at the end of each semester. NO Refunds are Issued for Closings Due to Weather  or Special Circumstances.

  • *There are occasions where SBSA remains  open on days while MCPS have announced closings due to weather conditions. We offer class makeups for students who miss class and encourage Parents to decide if they feel safe to travel in the to bring their children to school require parents to release the school of any and all liabilities for their choice to travel .

  • When faculty or school cancel a class (for any reason), classes will be made up during the make-up week, which typically runs the week after a session cancelled. If no make-up week is scheduled, the faculty will choose a mutually agreeable make-up date with students to extend no longer than 2 weeks after the cancelled class. 

Refunds and Prorating

  • Please note: $50:00 administration fee  is charged for all cancelations. Materials, and other fees are non-refundable if notice is received after the start of classes 

  • It is understandable that a student’s schedule may change, or unforeseen circumstances prevent attendance. In the case that an enrolled student cannot attend class, the student or parent of student should notify SBSA as early as possible.

  • We do not allow for refunds or make ups for any classes missed without a valid reason. Parties, social activities and holiday travel are not valid reasons for refunds or makeups.  SBSA will make efforts to arrange for makeup sessions dependent on available space if student request in advance and prior to their travel schedule.

  • There are no refunds for students’ unauthorized absents from class. Makeup sessions are scheduled in advance and according to the school policy within two weeks before or after the missed class.

  • Classes will not be pro-rated unless the student has proof of a medical or family emergency. A $50 pro-rating fee will apply. 

  • An enrolled student withdrawing before the start of the class, must notify the SBSA of his/her intent to withdraw ten (10) business days from their registration date to receive a full class refund.

  • Same-day(less than 24hours of the start of the class) cancellations and cancellation after the first week of the start of the class will be subject to a 50% refund of the tuition plus $50:00 processing fees. 

  • No refunds are given to students who withdraw after 3weeks of the start of class and are charged  $50:00 processing fee. 

  • For yearlong programs a 30-day notice is required for termination of monthly charges. Cancellation notice less than 30 days will be subjected to a full month’s charge from the date of notice.  

Special Programs Refund Policy

  • There are no refunds for Specialty Programs beyond the first week of the classes. Due to the Specialty Programs’  limited enrollment and the scheduled syllabus of lesson topics no students will be admitted beyond the first week of classes . As a result, cancellation beyond Friday of the first week is loss of full tuition for the school. 

  • Students can withdraw from the program for full refund up to 10 days of their registration date only

  • Student/parent cancelling before or during the first week must notify the school immediately and  no later than Friday of the first week of class.  A fee of $50:00 plus 40% of the tuition is charged if the students cancels anytime during the first week. 

Camp Refund Policy

Payments for In person classes are due in full  and there will be no refunds for cancelling after May1-

We accept  non refundable deposit of $100 per camp week at time of registration  Full payment balance is due by May 15th- after which  placement can not be guaranteed.

  • Cancellation within 10 days from registration date will receive Full refund minus $100.00  processing charge.

  • Cancelations beyond than 10 days is subject to 25% of tuition plus processing fee of $100.00.

  • No refunds for cancelations less than 2 weeks before the start of the camp.

  • We do not prorate or allow for refunds for any days missed during our camps.


Make ups

  • Please note that No makeups are allowed beyond 2weeks of the missed class.

  • No refunded or credited are issued for  missed classes except the case of medical absence with a doctor's confirmation. 

  • Missed classes may be made up within  2 weeks from the missed class, space permitting. ALL students wishing to do a make-up class must notify the office ahead of the class time. 

  • If there is no make-up class available in the same subject, a class in any other subject may be substituted (space permitting) without a refund or credit. 

Materials Fee 

  • All classes include a materials fee which is paid separate of your tuition. The fee will vary depending on the class/camp and the materials used. 

Registration Issues

  • We are not responsible for any registrations issues if not notified within 24 hours. Please check your order summary carefully and contact us immediately by email. If not notified within the time allocated, you are therefore responsible for your registration and any changes may incur fees, depending on the type of registration.

Trials sessions

  • Class reservations or trials will not hold your spot for a class. Only a paid registration will assure your enrollment. All Trials must pre-register with the office. There is a nonrefundable charge of  $50 for all class trials and  for consultations for students who apply for specialty programs. 

Independent Studio Agreement Use

  • Students enrolled in specialty programs and courses may be assigned studio space to complete their assignment and work on their projects. Students are responsible to follow rules specific  to health and safety precautions for handling hazardous materials, and use of tools, or equipment. Student is responsible to keep the area clean and orderly and properly store materials and keep her/his personal property in a safe.  He or she may not bring unauthorized individuals to the studio without prior approval of the school officials.

Class Levels

  • Unless otherwise noted, classes are open to all and recommended for beginner to intermediate levels. Children should be enrolled within their age groups. Teenagers (13+) can join adult classes with written permission by an altruized  guardian. 

Class Structure

  • Our dedication to the integrity to our programs, we have strict guidelines in respect to the age groups of our classes.  Our professional experience has taught us that age groups work best in the classroom environment. 

  • As a result, we need parents to understand that we do not jump students to a higher-level course or different subjects  unless we are certain the move is beneficial to students’ development and wellbeing. Please contact us with any questions regarding the proper level for your child.

  • Students enrolled in classes and workshops are responsible for all materials unless otherwise noted. Printable materials lists will be available to students by their instructors. For the experience to be educational, students are expected to bring the specified materials to the first class unless otherwise arranged by staff and faculty. Teaching faculty cannot be expected to teach outside the medium published on the supply lists.

Child Pick-Up Policy

  • Parents/legal guardians MUST arrange for their children to be picked up within five (5) minutes of the class ending time. Teaching faculty cannot be responsible for children past this period and SBSA staff should not be expected to supervise children. 

  • SBSA reserves the right to charge a late fee of $25 for every 15 minutes pass the allowed pickup time. If outstanding circumstances prevent prompt pick-up, parents/guardians MUST call  the school before the end of the class to inform staff of a reasonable arrival time for pick-up of the student.

  • Only the parent or legal guardian is authorized to pick up his/her child unless otherwise authorized  individuals identified by name and contract information in the registration Packet or submitted in writing to the school two business days before the class. We encourage as large a list as the parent/guardian deems necessary. Students twelve (15) or older may self-release with written permission from the parent/guardian as stated in the Program Participation Packet. 

Care Services

  • When noted, we provide before & after care services for parents. There is an hourly fee of $25:00 up to 6 pm. and an additional $25 per 15 minutes after 6pm. Spring Break and Schools Out sessions are available  and will be listed on our web site. There are no refunds for break camp sessions once the session starts.

Student Conduct

  • In support of the high value placed on honesty and professional integrity, students’ acts of misconduct will not be tolerated. Student’s parents or authorities  will be notified and depending on the severity of the miscoded the student may be dismissed for attending the school. No refunds will be processed in the case of student misconduct. 

  • The following  conduct may lead to student’s dismissal. Interfering with the orderly conduct of a lecture, tutorial or other teaching class, or impairing or hindering the learning or assessment performance of others. Committing a criminal act under federal, state or municipal law, or supporting or assisting with the violation of any of those laws on or off school. Violating any school policy, procedure, rule or regulation. Misusing any fire equipment or other life-safety equipment on or off school property. Use or possession any form of firearms or other weapons. Behaving in a manner that significantly endangers the health or safety of other people, including members of the school community. Stealing, destroying damaging property or property belonging to others. Using, possessing, or distributing intoxicating beverages or substances. Use of any tobacco products or other related devices (e.g., cigarettes, pipes, cigars, electronic cigarettes, vapor devices). 

Publicity Waiver

  • Unless SBSA is notified in writing by an authorized Gradian/parent, enrollment indicates that the student grants permission to school for use of photographs and/or images of artwork and/or students for SBSA educational, publicity, archival, or grant purposes.These images will be in print, media or broadcast formats. Written requests denying this permission must be given on or before the first day of class.

Food policy 

  • For classes two and over in length, may take a snack break. Students may bring their own nut-free snacks.  Popped corn and water coolers and cups are available for all students. Parents are responsible to notify the school in writing of any food allergy or special care required  for their child before the start of classes. Students who attend daylong programs are required to bring their own lunches and extra snacks. Students 14+ can leave the school to purchase food from stores within the complex only with written permission from the parent/guardian allowing him/her to do so. 

Special events policies

  • Events and Birthday parties require a non-refundable 25% down payment is required at the time of reservation. Final payment is due prior to or the day of the party. Adjustments will be made as to number of children at party. No refund is given to cancellations less than 48 business hours prior to the event.

Studio Maintenance Policies

  • No food is to be eaten inside the studio except for designated areas.

  • No spray paints or fixatives to be used inside.

  • No  garbage or leftover material allowed or be left inside studio. All Easels, stools, and tables must be left as clean as possible. And in their designated locations. Only the solvents allowed by SBSA can be used.

Brush and Tools

  • Each student is provided with a box containing all the material and tools the need for the duration of their course(s). They are responsible to take care of the cleaning and maintain of the material. Brushes and trays used in painting should be done using dish soap available in the studio.  All material must properly return to classroom and stored in the student’s and assigned storage area and have their desk ready for their next session. Students are responsible to clean sinks and its surroundings after they clean their tools.


  • Stone Branch Arts  will  be closed on holidays listed on our calendar.


  • Students who exhibit poor and dangerous behavior may be sent home at the discretion of camp directors. In the event we choose to do so, there are no refunds or credits for any missed days of camp. 

  • Please make sure your child(ren) understand the proper interaction with others their peers and teachers. Cell phones is not allowed during classes  and camp activities, we request that they should be placed in our office until the end of camps. Students are to inform office/ staff of any issues and should not be texting/calling parents. Please review this with your children

  • Stone Branch Arts' employees are  highly qualified instructors and care givers  who go through interviews, FBI background checks and fingerprinting. We take our work  seriously and look to ensure the proper staff is on-hand to teach your children. Our staff have received MC County & MD State and CPR training. Please contact us with any questions.

Copyrights and proprietary rights

  • I hereby give Stone Branch Arts permission to use photographs of me or my child and my or my child’s artwork for promotional purpose.

  • No work produced at Stone Branch School may be submitted under another school or institution name for competition or art show.



I hereby release and discharge and indemnify Stone Branch Arts LLC, its faculty, employees, contractors, it’s directors, officers, and agents from all liability for loss, damage, injury or illness to my or my child and my or my child’s property relating to or deriving from my or my child’s presence at Stone Branch School of Art and my or my child’s participation in Stone Branch School of Art activities by whatever cause.


I understand and give my permission for photographs of my son/ daughter and /or their artwork to be used for promotional purposes by Stone Branch School of Art.


I understand and agree that the student is expected to carry his/her own accident/medical insurance. I release Stone Branch Arts LLC from any and all liability and/or claims arising out of personal injury or loss of any kind. If authorize Stone Branch Arts to administer or authorize medical treatment for the student as deemed necessary.

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