Summer Intensive  

Portfolio Development 

Whether you are thinking about Animation, Engineering, Fashion Design, Illustration, or other programs,  a strong portfolio will provide you with an advantage. Our Summer Portfolio Program provides an intense, focused experience to allow to allow students to utilize value time to create superior quality work 

Summer 2021 Intensive Portfolio Development Program

A personalized program designed for students grades 11 - 12, recent graduates and community college students who would like to increase their chances of acceptance into the best art institutions.

The program is focused on providing students with an intense Visual Arts learning experience in the areas of Drawing, Painting, Design, Comic Arts, Printmaking and Sculpture. Our program is based on the assessment of student’s work samples, skill levels, interests and the requirements of their chosen colleges with the objective of helping students produce a collection of work that demonstrates creativity, ability and commitment.

The Summer Program consists of 3 sets of 3 consecutive weeks, Monday through Friday,
10am - 3pm. Students will receive instructions on a specific topic and work on projects in the
studio. Students are required to work independently in-studio, between lessons and
complete their assigned projects.

Stone Branch School of Art’s programs are designed to foster an environment where
the unique talents and perspectives of individual students can develop and nourish.
Our mission is to provide students with intellectually informed, hands-on instruction in the
practice of an array of age appropriate visual arts media.

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