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Our Fashion Design program was developed  for students with a serious interest in design as it relates to fashion. Immerse yourself in the  history and context for fashion trends, learn what makes good design, and how to find inspiration for creating your own unique garment designs.

Fashion Design 


Open to high school/ recent graduates/ gap year students

Limited  Spaces Available

The Fashion Design curriculum is designed for students who wish to pursue higher education in the field of fashion and merchandising, recent graduates wishing to develop a professional portfolio and individuals with sewing skills who desire to advance their understanding in design and drawing. The 2 year program consist of a series of foundation and advanced Design, Drawing, Sewing I-II courses, and Collection development.

First Year curriculum is centered on Design Drawing studies

1-Core Composition /Principles of Design /Color and Design: Core composition course introducing students to problem solving using Principles of composition and Fundamentals of Color and design.

2-Fashion Illustration
Drawing I Students learn the basics of human form, learn to draw figures in motions.
Drawing II: Fashion illustration students learn to create design sketches, advance their skills in drawing technical flats and advanced rendering. 

3-Introduction to Sewing (Spring): Students learn the basics of sewing techniques Flat Pattern Design and textiles for Fashion Design.

Second Year: Student’s concentration is on advance design development and garment construction Draping design, Intermediate Sewing, Collection Development and Construction. The program is open to students who have completed Year I of Fashion Design, and individuals who have experience in design, and garment construction. 

Digital Lab: Adobe Photoshop I, II
2 semesters
Fall semester: Adobe Photoshop I for Beginners: the course teaches students on necessary skills to design their own graphics, download folder and project files. This is a step by step instructions on all the tools and properties of photoshop.

Spring semester: Adobe Photoshop II Intermediate:  This course focuses on using the
more advanced Photoshop CC features such as curves, levels, blending modes, painting and drawing tools, and special effects to create professional-quality designs and images for web and video. Students learn using the step-by-step instructions, exercises, and complete projects.

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