Paper Design


At Stone Branch School of Art we recognize the importance of technology as a tool for the creative process, whether its laying out design ideas, designing a textile or creating a new image. Throughout the year we offer digital art classes to teach students how to best utilize technology in their work.

Designer's Desk

Our Fall semester classes will be in-person with limited virtual offerings.

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Digital Design

Photoshop Fundamentals

Adobe Photoshop : the course teaches students necessary skills to design their own graphics and manage project files. Step by step instructions on all the basic tools and properties of photoshop will be covered.Minimum of  4 students required for class to run. Students must have access to a computer and photoshop software.



Adobe Photoshop II Intermediate: This course focuses on using  advanced Photoshop CC features such as curves, levels, blending modes, painting and drawing tools, and special effects to create professional-quality designs and images for web and video. Students learn using the step-by-step instructions, exercises, and completed projects.


Wed. 1-3pm.       Session I  Jan. 27-Feb. 24

                             Session II  Mar. 3- Apr 7

                             Session III  Apr.14-May.12

Sat. 11am-1pm   Session I  Jan. 30th-Feb. 27

                            Session II  Mar. 6- Apr. 10

                            Session III  Apr. 17-May 15