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Students interested in sequential art are attracted to our program because of the serious and encouraging format.  As with all our programs we have a recommended course of study and prerequisites  to build skills and confidence. What are the stories  you want to tell?

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Unless otherwise noted sessions run for 17 weeks ( one semester).

Fall 2022/Spring 2023 classes will be conducted in-person  

Senior/Sibling/Family discounts may apply

Convenient payment options available

Tuition info and payment options
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Comic Art (Level I Foundations)
Grade 5+

These semester long class  is the prerequisite for students interested in following in our Comic Art program.Designed to lay a strong foundation for next level comic classes, students  learn and refine drawing skills with:

drawing the body for comic 

drawing animals

drawing the environment for comic 

Fall Semester

Tues 4:30 - 6:30 PM   

 Sat. 10-12  


Comic Art (Level II)

This semester long course is broken into three sections Introduction to comic and sequential story telling, Comic page lay out and the basics of panel progressions, and development of the story.

***Students should complete the Comic Foundations class before joining this class. 

Fall Semester

Thur. 6:45-8:45



Drawing for Comic : Foundations
Adult/Teen 13+

This  drawing class lays a strong foundation for students interested in following on to other classes in the Comic Art program. Fundamental skills in observational drawing, properties of line, shape and rendering light on form are covered. This class will provide students with confidence to draw. Immensely important, no matter what comic style you are interested in pursuing.



Comic Art : Drawing in the Manga Style

Whether you are a beginner, or have some experience drawing

in the Manga style, these short courses will provide you a comprehensive guide to illustrating in the Josei, Shoujo and Chibi styles. Topics covered: Drawing characters, body and head proportions for each style, with different views, Facial features and expressions, hair and hairstyles clothes and accessories.



Comic Art : Animal Anatomy

This course is designed to provide students with 

the foundations of animal structure for use in comic and the creation of fantasy creatures. Introduction to skeleton, filling the structure/ shape, muscle, gestures, expression, and techniques for rendering skin, fur, scales will be covered. Students will examine drawing animals with consideration to the environment and  believability when developing creature designs.

Prerequisite Drawing for Comic I/II/II or strong drawing skills and  permission of instructor. Please contact us prior to enrolling.

Thur. 4:30-6:30


Comic Anatomy 

 Adult/ Teen 16+

These two courses provide students with a comprehensive foundation in drawing figures for the purposes of comic illustration. Instruction focuses on  underlaying structure for proportion, perspective  and gesture, creating volume, development of muscle mass and refinement.  Perfect class for beginners and those looking to improve how they draw the figure.

Comic Anatomy (Male)   ( 8 weeks)    TBA

Comic Anatomy (Female)   (8 weeks)        TBA


Comic Art

Adult/Teen 13+

This is the perfect introduction  for adults and teens who are interested in learning techniques for drawing their own comics. Sequential storytelling and character development techniques will be covered as well as  panel progressions, composition, page layout and a range of different styles of illustration and inking.  This is a great course for those who want to learn or refine work on a graphic story. 



Comic Art : Fantasy Creature Drawing

This course is designed to provide students with 

the foundations for the  creation of fantasy creatures. Introduction to skeleton, filling the structure/ shape, muscle, gestures, expression, and techniques for rendering skin, fur, scales will be covered. Students will examine drawing animals with consideration to the environment and  believability when developing creature designs.

TBA    check out our summer camp options for availability of Fantasy Creature Drawing


Comic Art: Drawing the Environment
Adult/ Teen 13+

The semester long course covers drawing the comic environment using simple linear perspective tools. This class covers background and its relationship with the foreground, perspective, value, lighting ,color and attention to details of both the foreground and the background objects . You will learn approaches to drawing  both interior and  exterior spaces Strong drawing skills or Drawing for Comic recommended prior to this class.


Comic Art Foundations
Intro to comic
Comic Anatomy
Comic Anatomy
Comic Art adult
Animal Anatomy
Fantasy Creature Drawing
drawing the environment
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