Summer High School Pre College Studies


Two intense three week programs are practical and immersive and designed especially for the serious art minded student. Each program is designed to make students think like artists and designers, learn and push their skills for creative problem solving and create work suitable for portfolios.

Art in Three Dimensions: Drawing and Sculpture 

(June 15-July 3)

Working in our light-filled and spacious studios, students gain first-hand experience in material exploration and art collaboration and explore contemporary art in an experiential approach. Students draw and sculpt a selected subject from photographs. Students will learn to work variety of tools, materials and mediums, including traditional drawing materials and sculpture. 

Program Highlights

  • Gain experience with tools, explore materials, create original sculptures

  • You'll learn to use hand and power tools essential to sculpture 

  • Develop original projects, keep a sketchbook 

  • Learn about concepts and artists relevant to contemporary sculpture 

Week 1: June 15 - 19 Drawing for Planning

This week students learn about fundamentals of drawing select their subject and complete their sketch. Create perspective and details of their drawing in preparations for sculpting session.

Week 2: June 22 - 26 Introduction to 3D form

Introduction to sculpture and sculpting tools and materials. Students select their materials for their project and initiate to sculpt.

Week 3: June 29 - July 3 Sculpting process/production

Students work to complete their sculpture 

Art in  Design: Graphic, Product Design and Screenprinting

(JULY 13-Aug 7)

In this course the formal, perceptual, symbolic and technical aspects of visual communication will be introduced. Design elements and principles as well as design process and creative problem solving will be stressed. 


 Program Highlights:

  • Build graphic, printmaking  and product design skills 

  • Gain practical experience solving design problems

  • Engage in the culture of working in a design studio 

  • Gain an understanding of how design can help towards 

  • building a more sustainable future for our world 

Week 1: July 13 - 17 Introduction to Graphic Design 

  • Elements and principles of design

  • Color theory, value and schemes, color symbolism, meaning,  and cultural variations 

  • Design theory; Gestalt Principles &Visual perception

  • Typography  uses in ads, signs, posters etc.

  • Project assignment


Week 2: July 27 - 31 Design Project 

During the design week students explore ways of using form and color to create powerful visual communication in the creation of their final product. 

  • Complete creative process, from conceptual development, to final production.

  • Students choose  to complete their final project either in printmaking or to create model of their product’s packaging. (contingent on enrollment)

Week 3: Aug 3 - 7  Screen printing / Package design


  • Design layout

  • Color separations

  • Screen  preparation

  • printing 

Package Design

  • Regulations and requirements

  • Psychology of the consumer as it relates to packaging

  • Basic package design and structure

  • layout 

  • Production and printing 

Pricing:  Each three week session is $1950 ( includes registration fee and most materials used in the session)

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