Stone Branch Arts provides a wide range of art and design programs for artists to grow their skills and make the most of their interests. Artistic exploration is the best ways for young people to build confidence in expressing themselves, learn to solve problems and think critically. 

We help maximize summer breaks for Elementary, Middle, and High School students by engaging them in supervised, inspiring, and fun classes that promote freedom of expression in a structured way.

This year we are offering 10 weeks of engaging immersive programs for students 8 and up, including a limited number of in-person programs for students in all age groups.

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Youth  Age 8-10      choose: session: 10-12am In-person/1-3 pm virtual 

Week 1:  June 21 - 25     Drawing (no in person seats available)

Week 2:  Jun 28 - Jul 2   Painting (no in person seats available)

Week 3:  July 5 - 9          Comic Illustration (no in person seats available)

Week 4:  July 12 -16       Comic Book Drawing(no in person seats available)

Week 5:  July 19 - 23      Mixed media

Week 6:  July 26 - 30      Drawing (No longer available)

Week 7:  Aug. 2 - 6        Mixed media

Week 8:  Aug. 9 - 13      Drawing 

Week 9:  Aug.16 - 20     Drawing (No longer available)

Week10: Aug. 23 - 27   Painting (No longer available)


information on camp pricing can be found at the bottom of this page

Jr Teen 11+/ Teen classes (14+ ) Full day 10-3pm          


Limited in-person seating for age 12 + students where noted 


Week 1:  June 21-June 25                          

Anime Drawing:Female Characters*(0)  No more In-person seats are available.

Acrylic Painting(no longer available)

Week 2:  June 28 - July 2 

Anime Drawing: Male Characters*(0)  No more In-person seats are available.


Package Design*(no longer available)   


Week 3:  July 5 - 9

Drawing:  Figure*

Acrylic Painting*  (0)  No more In-person seats are available.

Week 4: July 12 - 16 

Dynamic Figure*. (0)  No more In-person seats are available.

Drawing:  Drawing in perspective* ( no longer available)

Week 5: July 19 - 23 

Fantasy Creature Drawing* (0)  No more In-person seats are available. 

Drawing: Pen and Ink*

 Week 6: July 26 - 30 

Comic Drawing* (0)  No more In-person seats are available. You can still join the virtual program)

Drawing: Nature*

Week 7: Aug. 2 - 6 

Package Design (no longer available)

Drawing: The Drawing Challenge*(0)  No more In-person seats are available.

Week 8: Aug. 9 -13 

Painting: Watercolor* (4) In-person seats available for age 12+ this program


Drawing: Buildings and architecture (no longer available)

Week 9: Aug. 16 - 20 

Graphic Design *

Fantasy Creature Drawing*     (2) In-person seats available for age 12+ this program)

Week 10: Aug. 23 -27 

Anime Drawing: Female Characters*   (0)  No more In-person seats are available.

Painting: Acrylic (no longer available)

Printmaking   (5) In-person seats available for age 12+ this program)


Summer Portfolio Development 

Session I-  Observational Drawing -June 21-July 9

Session II- Composition & Conceptual Design July 12-July 30

Session III- Figure Drawing August 2-20


Please note: More than one option is available each week. When registering, select only one topic for each week.


Please note sessions will only run with 5 or more participants. Youth in-person programs are limited to 6 participants

Pricing Information

Youth (8-10)

Half Day daily 10-12 am (in person) $250 + $20 Materials 

                       1-3pm Virtual-$200 + $20 Materials


Jr. Teen/Teen Camps

Full Day (10 am-3 pm):

Virtual programs $395 + $40 Material fee

In-Person programs $510 + $40 Material fee



Camp Refund Policy

  • Payments for In person camps are due in full.

  • No refunds for in-person programs will be given for cancelling after May1.

  • On all virtual camps we  accept a non-refundable deposit of $100 per camp week at time of registration.Balance payments are due by May 15th- after which  placement can not be guaranteed.

  • Virtual Programs: Cancellation within 10 days after registration date will receive full refund minus $50.00  processing charge.

  • Virtual Programs:  beyond than 10 days is subject to 25% of tuition plus processing fee of $50.00.

  • Virtual Programs:  refunds for cancelations less than 2 weeks before the start of the camp.

  • We do not prorate or allow for refunds for any days missed during our camps.

PLEASE NOTE_ When registering with a discount code, enter codes on payment page. Adjustments to tuition fee will be made then.