Cast of Characters

Nahid Linares

A professional artist, designer, and a college professor, Nahid is

fully committed in providing a nurturing and stimulating

learning environment to foster each student's individuality,

natural creativity, and curiosity, with the end goal of helping

her students grow to become lifelong learners.


Nahid served as an art director at REZ Corp., a communication

corporation in Washington DC that served as the chief designer

of permanent exhibits on the architectural history of the

Old Executive Office. She has held award winning painting

exhibitions at galleries and art centers in New York, Maryland,

Virginia, Connecticut, and Central America.


Nahid is fluent in several languages and holds a Bachelor

of Science in Design from the University of Minnesota School of Art and Design, as well as an AA in Civil engineering from Nafisi German Poly-Technique Institute and has extensive graduate studies in Art History. She holds a certificate in Early Childhood Intervention from Pittsburg University and another in Special Needs Advocacy from Parent Place of Maryland.


As a special needs advocate, she has worked closely with schools

and government officials both in the United States and abroad to

improve education for special needs population. Her efforts were

critical in the establishment of partnerships between universities

in the United States and foreign countries, as well as the development

of learning centers and placements for special need students in Central


Nahid is Stone Branch School of Art’s Co- Program coordinator

and teaches the following full year courses:

  • Youth Core Art Program

  • Painting, Drawing, and Design

  • Advanced Painting in Acrylic and Watercolor

  • Impressionism: A Painting and History Short course

  • Modernism: A Painting and History Short Course

  • Interpretive Landscape Painting

  • Art history, Cultural and Travel-related workshops

Our Mission

Stone Branch School of Art is an established multi-media fine arts school dedicated to expanding the artistic abilities of students of all ages. Stone Branch offers art instruction to children from age 4-adult. Our teachers are professionals in their fields many with advanced degrees in studio art or art education.

Our programs provide children and adults with an opportunity to develop skills and gain confidence in their creativity. We believe in creating a safe, supportive and challenging environment where everyone can feel successful with their efforts, and have fun as they learn to appreciate both product and the process of making art.

Terre Jenkins is the Director/ Owner of Stone Branch School of Art in Rockville, Md.

She assumed ownership of the school in 2009 and expanded the school’s size and program offerings and established a mission to provide a safe, nurturing environment where students can experience rich and varied art experiences. Programs at the school include Printmaking, Animation and Comic Art along with more traditional drawing and painting classes and are made available to students of all ages.


Ms. Jenkins’ directorship is informed by her 30 years of administrative and teaching experience including Studio Arts, Art History, Humanities, Technical Theater instruction and direction, coordinator of experiential education programs, acting Assistant Principal, computer systems instructor for Unisys Corp and manager for a landmark bookstore in Washington, D.C.  She has taught locally in several private schools and has conducted classes as far away as Japan and the Philippines.  She participated in a U.S. State Department sponsored teacher exchange through which she travelled and taught in Armenia . She has travelled all over the world and lead a dozen or more national and international cultural/educational programs for teens.  Her interests include music (she performed and recorded with a band in college), film (she has filmed and produced a short documentary film) and gardening (she is a member of American Society of Botanical Artist).


She holds a BFA from the Corcoran College of Art and Design with concentration in printmaking, and sculpture, and has completed additional relevant art, business and education course work at American University

Among other things Terre teaches :

  • Relief Printmaking

  • Screen printing 

  • Drypoint etching

  • Drawing 

Melvin Butler is one of the keystone instructors at the Stone Branch School. He holds a B.A. in Art History from Rutgers and a M.Ed. from George Washington University. He has an array of teaching and consulting experiences including:  artist in residence with Build a Bridge International, Philadelphia and educational coordinator at Prince George’s African American Museum and Cultural Center .

Melvin’s vast experiences as painter, sculptor and instructor to all styles of learners, informs the breath and dept of his teaching methods. Whether guiding adults new to a medium, or mentoring younger students on ways of understanding light on form, Melvin meets the unique needs of each student by developing a personal understanding of each one.


Courses Melvin teaches include:

  • Drawing

  • Figure Drawing

  • Sculpting the Figure (In Clay)

  • Advanced Drawing

  • Young Masters (full year Youth Program)

Hank Zangara

Hank Zangara, a multi Design award-winning Art Director and Graphic Artist with 20 years experience in graphic design and production for the print, video, and electronic media.Two-time Emmy Award-winning art director, designer, and animator, Mr. Zangara's career has spanned the creative fields of theater, radio, television and major motion-picture production.


Hank teaches:

  • Graphic Design

  • Cartoon Animation,

  • Stop-motion Animation

  • Clay Animation

  • Digital Art  

  • History of Animation 

Bruce Campbell considers himself a fine artist that works diligently to develop art that reaches the multitudes.  His artistic approach and process is based on achieving accurate drawing expertise regardless of the media. He applies the same art principles to Oil Painting as to using pencil, charcoal, watercolor, tempera, or even clay to sculpt.  It is not so much developing a style but more over creating beauty and reality of the natural world to share. 


Bruce cultivates his art endeavors at his home studio, “Atelier BIC” a traditional art space, workshop, and study environment.   In addition to my base studio, he directs fine art at the late Gerald King’s Atelier Royal in Riverdale, MD and workshops at other Metro DC venues. His theory for tutoring applies direct observation (light & dark to create basic shapes), and corrective drawing.  His methods incorporate commitment, discipline, and practice in representational art. 

“I am greatly influenced and humbled by traditional master painters from antiquity as would current musicians admire the old classical composers.  I am motivated by developing skills and reaching for techniques with light, subject matter, palette quality, etc. As a Copyist at the National Gallery of Art, my end result is an original replica of a master work versus a genuine fake. These attributes are then unified into my personal portfolio of original paintings.”


Bruce Teaches:

  • Landscape oil painting

  • Painting in the Style of the Masters

  • Figure Painting

Svetlana Belenkaya

Svetlana was born in the Soviet Union in what is now Ukraine and moved to the US as a teenager. She attended Cleveland Institute of Art and earned a BFA in Industrial Design and Ceramics. Later she attended Goldsmiths and the University of London and received Postgraduate Certificate in Education Art and Design. She then taught art in a high school. She has exhibited work in a number of juried shows - her work can be found in many private collections and she has been published in Ceramics Monthly magazine.

Portfolio Website



Andrew Smart

Andrew is a professional Comic/Manga

artist and illustrator.  He is a regular guest

artist at the numerous Comic Conventions

and is a member of the collective of artists

that support the work of the non profit

Art Way Alliance.


Andrew is the newest member of our teaching staff and is the core teacher in Stone Branch’s

Comic Art Program. His depth of knowledge of the sequential art form, from Manga to Action heroes, enables him to teach beyond the fundamentals. He brings an understanding of the nuances of comic and fantasy art to his students of all ages.


Andrew teaches:

  • Introduction to Comic Art

  • Comic Art: Character Development

  • Comic Art: Anatomy for Comics

  • Comic Art: Adults

  • Fantasy Illustration

More of his work can be found at

Celena Joynt-Jenkins

Celena is the Office Manager ( and so much more)  for Stone Branch School of Art. Her tireless commitment and support to the school makes it possible for our talented instructors to do what they do best and for the school itself to continue to grow and fulfill it's mission. 


For any questions call:

(301) 294-3600

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