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Homeschool Studio Art program - ages 11-15

This program allows students to explore a variety of art related topics including; Visual Art Appreciation and Art History.  Students learn and create art works in Two and Three-Dimensional Media.  Course work is a combination of  demonstrations, research, field trips and practical assignments. Studio work consists of; various drawing techniques, design concepts, composition and rendering. Critical analysis, group discussion, and participation is encouraged and led by the educator in a positive and safe learning environment.

Session I - (9weeks)  1-3pm

 2D Drawing and Design-The program covers different drawing styles, perspective, rendering/wash techniques, and printmaking. Students will utilize basic visual artist’s materials such as charcoal, pencil, pen, and ink.

Session II-  (9weeks)1-3pm

3D Sculpture: Kinetic Sculpture, Figurative Clay Sculpture, Coil-Built Mask the focus is the development of conceptual tools and technical skills in three-dimensional art form through exploration of various materials and techniques.

Cost: $225 per session + $35 material fee

ART EXPLORERS -ages 7-11                           

Great American Artists: Specifically designed to fulfill Fine Arts requirements , this course brings art history to life in an animated and inspiring way. Through focus on some of America’s great artists- the way they invented,borrowed, and re-invented their ideas, styles, and imagery, this course aims to create a lifelong interest and enthusiasm for the subject. Students examine, analyze, research, discuss,interpret, and compare works of art as they develop a deep understanding of art history. The course is a combination of visual presentations and practical hands on assignments where students create works of art inspired by their observation and understanding of the artists presented. Students will have an opportunity to visit museums or galleries in order to experience Art, and Sculpture first hand.

Session I -  (9weeks) 1-3pm

Session II-  (9weeks) 1-3pm

Cost: $225 per session + $25 material fee

10% discount on tuition when you enroll in both sessions I & II    Sibling discount:   10% on second child's tuition

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