Whether you are thinking about Animation, Engineering, Fashion Design, Illustration, or other programs,  a strong portfolio will provide you with an advantage. 

Summer 2020 Intensive Portfolio Development Program is a personalized program
designed for students, grades 11-12, recent graduates and community college students who
would like to increase their chances of acceptance into the best art institutions. The
program is focused on providing students with an intense Visual Arts learning experience in
the areas of Drawing, Painting, Design, Comic Arts, Printmaking and Sculpture.

This program is based on the assessment of students’ work samples, skill levels, interests and
the requirements of their chosen colleges with the objective to help students produce a
collection of work that demonstrates creativity, abilities and commitment.

The Summer Portfolio Intensive Program consists of 3 three week sessions. Each week, Monday
through Friday, 10am- 3pm, students will receive instructions in specific subject areas and work
on projects in the studio. Students are required to work independently between
lessons and complete assigned projects. 

All programs at Stone Branch School of Art are designed to foster the unique talents and perspectives of individual students in an environment where they can develop and flourish. Our mission is to provide students with intellectually informed, hands-on instruction in the practice of an array of age appropriate visual arts media.

Program Description This intensive program is designed for students who are in the final phases of college application and portfolio submission. The programs’ topics and duration  will be assigned in specific areas of each student’s needs and their chosen college requirements. The program allows the opportunity to choose a concentrated work plan in one or more of the following topics; Observation Drawing, Portrait, Figure Drawing and Conceptual Design/Visual thinking. Students are expected to create  a portfolio of high-quality works of art for their portfolio.
Course Description The program’s courses introduce students to classical and contemporary drawing techniques and concepts, with emphasis on the understanding of their formal language and the fundamentals of artistic expression and provides training to prepare students  fine art college programs.

Program Topics: 


  • Figure Drawing 

  • Portrait Drawing

  • Observational Drawing

2D-Concept Development This course will provide a foundation in the fundamentals of pictorial design. Students are introduced to formal design strategies, the course emphasizes the importance of  concepts and skills essential to good design practice and strives to help students in their development towards self-expression and awareness.

Design Basics:

  • Principles of design

  • The Element of Space

  • The Element of Value 

  • The Element of theory Color

Visual Thinking:Explore the meaning behind works of art within the context of various styles and cultures.  Examine Gestalt, a term used to explain how the brain forms a whole image from many component parts.

Finding Meaning 

  • Objective 

  • Subjective 

  • Iconography 

  • Context


 Session I: June 15 -July 3

 Session II: July 06-July 31 no class July 20-24

 Session III: Aug 03-Aug 21

 Daily 10am-3pm with additional open studio time from 3-5pm

 Price: per 3 week session $2050 (Includes registration fee and most supplies)

Discounts apply to registration of multiple sessions.

Save $150 when registering for 2 session (Enter SP2 at checkout for discount)

Save $300 when registering for 3 session ( Enter SP3 at checkout for discount)

Contact Us To schedule an interview or for information about other Portfolio Development opportunities
Some of the schools to which our students have been accepted and attend:
School of Visual Arts
Rhode Island School of Design
Columbia University
Brown University
Cleveland Institute College of Art and   Design
VCU School of the Arts
School of the Art Institute of Chicago
Maryland Institute College of Art
New York University
University of Maryland
Ringling College of Art and Design
Minneapolis College of Art and Design
Savanah College of Art and Design
Laguna College of Art and Design
Syracuse University
Virginia Tech.

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