Summer Youth Camp Descriptions



Summer programs at Stone Branch are an extension of our quality full year programs for kids. Fun and full of useful real artist skills. This summer you can choose in-person sessions or virtual. With over a year of online instruction we have elevated  our realtime instruction and kids love it. And with in-person programs we take all the necessary precautions to assure the safety of all our students and staff.Take a look at al the cool offerings and let us know if you have questions.

Week 1: June 21 - 25 Drawing 


Drawing is a skill that all artists must understand, and the earlier a child starts learning it, the better! This week will help students become more comfortable with the drawing medium and will make them stronger artists. 

Activity(s): Still life, Drawing organic and inorganic objects 

Week 2: Jun 28 - Jul 2 Painting 

Painting with Color Harmonies 

Color harmony is a fundamental part of creating art. This week, students will learn how to mix paint and will experiment with different color combinations. Activity(s): Still life, Color experimentation, Acrylic painting 

Week 3: July 5 - 9 Comic Illustration 

Illustrating Graphic Novel Covers 

This week children will have the opportunity to reimagine and recreate their own narrative for  characters from their favorite stories. 

Activity(s): Concept development drawing and coloring 

Week 4: July 12 -16 Comic Book Drawing 

Creating Short Comics 

Children this week will use their imaginations to turn ideas into visual stories. Children will learn comic formatting by creating their own story and let their creativity roam free! 

Activity(s): Comic making, Narrative, Comic formatting

Week 5: July 19 - 23 Mixed media 

Drawing Hybrid Animals 

This week we will be taking art fundamentals and mixing them with student’s imaginations and help them get a better understanding on how to draw a variety of animal shapes. Activity(s): Concept art,  Drawing

Week 6: July 26 - 30 Drawing 

Drawing Animals

Drawing animals is an exciting tool that will help children strengthen observational skills. Children this week will learn drawing skills from the  study of animals from. Activity(s):  Drawing and texturing 


Week 7: Aug. 2 - 6 Mixed media 

Drawing Fantasy Art 

This week, students will be able to use their imaginations to create fun and engaging fantasy art. Fantasy art is a way of allowing children to express wild ideas in a visual way. 

Activity(s): Concept art, Character design 

Week 8: Aug. 9 - 13 Drawing 

Drawing Perspective 

Perspective is a challenging aspect of art that many older artists struggle with. In this week, students will learn to grasp a fundamental part of art by drawing objects and buildings in perspective. Activity(s): Architecture, Drawing vehicles, One point perspective, Observational drawing 

Week 9: Aug.16 - 20 Drawing 

Drawing the Figure 

Figure drawing is a key part in understanding form and flow. This week will give children the opportunity to study clothed figures in order to practice gesture drawing. 

Activity(s): Human anatomy, Gesture drawing, Observational drawing, Portraiture 

Week10: Aug. 23 - 27 Painting 

Character Design 

This week, students will be able to create their own protagonists or villains. Children will create a main character for their story plot.

Activity(s): Concept art, Character design, Narrative