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This exciting program is designed for students with a serious interest in design as it relates to fashion.

Learn what makes good design, history and context for fashion trends, and how to find inspiration for creating your own unique garment designs.

Fashion Design Programs I & II

2021/2022 Fall and Spring

Open to high school/ recent graduates/ gap year students

Limited  Spaces Available

Fashion Design program is focused on teaching students introductory design and sewing skills as well as advanced training towards Collection Development for students who have completed the introductory level course.

Fashion Design I:

Full Year program - Beginning in the fall.

4 hour weekly session/2hour per topic: 

            Fall -Design & Figure Drawing

            Spring Design & Sewing construction)

Foundation Program is designed for students grades 9-11, recent graduates, and community college students who would like to increase their chances of acceptance in the finest fashion designs institutions. This full year program  is focused on the studies of Design elements and principles, the creative process, design experimentations in 2D Textile, 3D Garment Design, and essential skill development in, Figure, Gesture, Fabric Draping Drawing and Garment Construction. 

Foundation design Students are expected to develop a professional portfolio of their drawings, designs sketches and constructed items representing their skills and artistic potential.




Fashion Design II Collection Development 

(1semester, 2 hours weekly per topic: Design, Sewing, Digital Design) 

Program The program’s training consists of Advance Design Studies, Intermediate Sewing II, and Digital Apparel Program training. The programs’ focus is  to help students formulate, develop, and implement a collection of their own choosing. Students learn Digital Textile and 3D Garment Design, Pattern making, cut and draping couture bodice. It offers trends in the fashion industry, history, research approaches, materials, construction and fabric knowledge. This one semester (Sept-Dec or Feb- June) course is designed for students who have completed Fashion Design I and individuals who have experience in design,  garment construction, and are seeking to create a collection while advancing their design and sewing skills.  

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