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Camps / Summer Teen Programs

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Our summer programs  are  filled with innovative, thought provoking and fun approaches to art making. Not an artsy craftsy camp. Our summer art students enjoy programs taught by professional educators and artists. Immersive weekly programs allow students to really delve into programs that they truly want to lean more about. With offer  Summer  programs for teens as well as an intensive portfolio development course of student.  Join our mailing list and be in the know as soon as summer schedules are made available.

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Narrative Construction

The  course focuses on expanding a student's understanding of narrative and its importance in the visual arts , whether it is painting, film making, sequential art, graphic novels, or even the simple still life drawing.

 The course will explore message, motive, historical context. A must for anyone interested in developing a better understanding of story building and worlds in which characters interact. 

Spring 2021. TBA

please contact us if you want to know when this class becomes available

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