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Jr. Teen/Teen



2D Design Foundation 

Graphic-Print Design  Portfolio Development Opportunity! 

Cultivating Creativity is a Pretty Picture! Fluency, Flexibility, Originality, and Elaboration are the four components of creativity. Creative thinking involves imagination, use of the scientific method, communication, problem solving, and making interpretations.  Cultivating creativity results in advancing young minds’ ability to imagine, create and articulate. The course is designed to introduce students to concepts and skills essential to good design practice and help encourage self-expression and awareness. This course is a foundation in the fundamentals of pictorial design. Students will create a design based on personal interest, develop marketing products, learn about graphic design industry and marketing strategies.

Product Design -closed     Portfolio Development Opportunity! 

The week’s focus is on effectively generating and developing new ideas through a defined process for commercialization. The program aims at providing students with the fundamental knowledge of designing and creating a new product as well as the importance of research, and marketing in the manufacturing process of products.  Students generate idea for a product, create illustrations of their product, create a prototype, and assess marketing strategies for the production and distribution of their product. 

Painting: Still Life 

Discover the essential principles of keeping a limited palette and focusing on tonal value and color harmony. the course focus is on composition, color studies, paint mixing, use of paint mediums and painting techniques.  Students would learn how to setup, sketch and paint a composition. 

Comic Book Drawing

Discover the Magic of Storytelling in Comic Book. Fun for All Ages: 

The course treats the graphic novel as an open medium capable of expressing any genre of your interest and help you learn to create your own comic book series. Comic book course cover everything from the basics, to action sequences, Panel descriptions, illustration, transitions, Speech bubbles, and Story Mapping.

Drawing: Observational /Advanced  Portfolio Development Opportunity! 

This 5 day intensive course focuses on composition, proportion, value relationships, edge relationships, modeling, materials, and stylization Students will develop their representational drawing skills using a variety of drawing media.

Textile Design- Portfolio Development Opportunity! 

This course is designed for students who are interested in textiles and or industrial design. The studies include a review of the element of graphic design, Geometry, color theory, and technical drawing. The course will explore design patterns for a variety of application used for clothing, upholstery, wall cover and architectural patterns design. 

Fantasy Creature Design One of our most popular Summer Camps 

 Explore your own creativity with a comprehensive set of teachings that cover everything from creature creation to fantasy landscapes and comic drawing.  Learn about Anatomy, Narrative, Panel layout, Creating Worlds for Imaginative Creatures.

Drawing with Ink and Pen Portfolio Development Opportunity! 

This is a comprehensive drawing course designed to lay a foundation for students to a work towards producing professional quality pen and ink drawings. The course helps students to learn various techniques to create the illusion of texture and  space, apply the concept of cross contour lines to shading using hatching, cross hatching, ink wash  and mixed effects to create a looser or more complex image.

Painting: Impressionism

The impressionists captured the fleeting effects of natural light to produce vivid and colors that sing.  This week is an introductory studio lecture and painting demonstration covers the impressionists’ methods, materials, brushwork, and use of color. Students are provided with a model/ photograph to replicate using their own selection of colors. 

Portrait Drawing   Portfolio Development Opportunity! 
The course is designed to help students develop the ability to build a body of work around a single subject. A step- by-step approach, the emphasis is on developing competence in linear and tonal methods of drawing of human head and face and develop the ability to capture the person’s features and personality. 

Perspective Drawing  Portfolio Development Opportunity! 

This is a basic, introductory course in linear perspective drawing. Students enrolled in this class will learn the most fundamental, basic rules, concepts, and principles in perspective. Students learn to draw environments and objects in perspective for comics, the basics of atmospheric Isometric perspective drawing for games and illustration. 

Painting with Acrylic 

This class is designed to introduce the basic elements of painting with acrylic paint. Instructions cover from surface preparation, materials and specific instructions on color, light, texture,

transparency/impasto and composition. Students will paint form a 3D model or photograph..

Art In 3-D  Portfolio Development Opportunity! 

This course is an introduction to understanding visual creation. Students are introduced to conceptual approaches, materials, and technical production processes of drawing three-dimensional art. The course will teach students to visually articulate ideas with originality and creativity.  The course covers theory and practical 3-D conceptual and optical illusion technical drawing.

Conceptual Art- Visual Thinking- Portfolio Development Opportunity! 

 All Things Start with an Idea! If You are interested to become a game designer, graphic designer, comic artist, fashion, and product designer your success depends your visual thinking ability.  This week concentrates on fundamental visual principles integral to all fields of design and fine arts. Conceptual art represents one’s ability to cultivate an idea that leads into the development of a new product or improves the efficiency of a process. Visual development artist, design ads, sets, environments, characters, clothing, props, furniture, lighting, and just about anything. 

Fantasy Creature Game Design One of our most popular Summer Camps 

This week-long course introduces students the processes of fantasy creature development. Students will learn to utilize source references of; humans, animals, plants, and machineries in drawing their creature concepts. They will learn to give unique personalities, special abilities, and skills to their characters. Students will each create 3 fantasy characters and transfer them into personal card decks. On the last day of the week campers will use their very own card decks and Battle in the Card Monster Tournament.

Drawing Nature
The course teaches students to see and draw nature like an illustrator. Build observational and visual interpretation skills from nature and science. Improve essential skills and learn techniques that form the base for creating accurate and stunning replications of subjects from the natural world. 

Anime Drawing-Female

Whether you are a beginner, or have some experience with illustration, these two consecutive weeks camps will serve as a comprehensive guide to illustrating in Josei, shoujo, and Chibi anime styles   and techniques used by professional in the industry. Topics covered: Drawing characters: Body Proportion for Each style, head proportion and different views, Facial features and Expressions, Hair and Hairstyles, Clothes and Accessories. 

This studio class explores various materials used to create sculptures. Students learn to manipulate different materials and use sculpting tools safely. They improve their drawing skills and  understanding of design processes considering volume, scale, weight, color, form, and texture to create their own freestanding, handmade pieces.

Interior Design   Portfolio Development Opportunity! 

This Interior Design week provides knowledge of principles of design and design elements and understanding of psychology of colors. The students are given exercises which helps them develop creative and innovative thinking, technical drawing skills, understanding of the role of color and form in the function for spaces which are vital aspects of the field of interior design. Students are introduced to the technical ways of building functional and comfortable spaces for the ease of all individuals.

Anime Drawing-Male

Whether you are a beginner, or have some experience with illustration, these two consecutive weeks camps will serve as a comprehensive guide to illustrating in Josei, shoujo, and Chibi anime styles   and techniques used by professional in the industry. Topics covered: Drawing characters: Body Proportion for Each style, head proportion and different views, Facial features and Expressions, Hair and Hairstyles, Clothes and Accessories. 

Bookmaking/Mixed Media

The art of handmade books is a contemplative, fun and rewarding process that everyone can enjoy.Students can create their own journals, sketch or scrap books using mixed media. They learn about bookbinding structures, materials, products and gain skills in the use mixed media  and

applications of finishing techniques for book covering. The course reviews design elements and color

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