Drawing: Portrait

 Begin a serious exploration of drawing the portrait from life in pencil and charcoal.  Students learn basic observation, and measuring skills and the basic stages of drawing the structure and planes of the head, clearly rendering the values of light and shadow, designing edges and creating likeness and composition. Numerous drawing techniques, materials and approaches will be covered. If you struggle to get the desired degree of likeness or just the right expression in your portraits, this might be the class for you! 

 Mon. (12:30-3:00 pm)

Session Dates: 07/02-08/20 no class 07/30

$315* 2.5 hours weekly, 7 weeks 

Instructor: Melvin Butler


Drawing: Figure (Adult & Teen 16+)

In this class students will increase their understanding of and comfort with rendering the human figure. You will learn basic observation and measuring skills, and how to render the figure three-dimensionally through the use of light and shadows. Students will be able to create figure studies in pencil, charcoal and pastel.

Watercolor Painting

Want to learn how to paint with watercolors? Then this class is for you! An introduction to watercolors will explore the fundamentals of composition, color mixing, brushwork, and experiment with different paint applications. Through demonstration and hands on experience you will gain confidence using watercolors in a creative way.

Sat 1-3pm

Session dates: 07/014-8/18

Wed. 7-9pm

session daates )7/11-08/15


$240*- 2 hours weekly, 6 weeks

Instructor: Svetlana Belenkaya

Screen Printing

Curious about screen printing? In this course, you will learn the fundamentals of screen printing from start to finish. Students will learn different methods of preparing images, transferring to the screen, and printing multiple

layers with water-based inks to make an editions of beautiful art prints. Open to all skill levels.


Wed. (6:45 - 9:15 pm)              

Session Dates: 07/11-08/15                   

$270* + $40 materials fee

2.5 hours weekly, 6 weeks

Instructor: Terre Jenkins

Mon. (6:45-9:15)

Session Dates: 07/02-08/20 no class 07/30

$315* (+$30 model fee) 2.5 hours  7 weeks

 Instructor: Melvin Butler

Drawing: Costumed/Cosplay Figure

In this class students can up their game by increase their understanding of and comfort with rendering the costumed figure. You will learn observation and measuring skills, and how to render the clothed figure three-dimensionally. Attention will be given to creating dynamic poses and the use of light and shadows on different fabrics .

Students will create studies in pencil, charcoal and pastel and finished pieces in Ink and wash.

Sat. (5-7:30pm) 6 weeks 07/14-08/25/no class 08/04

$275*( +35 model fee) 

Instructor:Melvin Butler

* apply 20% discount to tuition if 60 or older



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